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at Estuary

Christmas Presents

Let us take care of dinner this Christmas!

Take-Home Christmas Dinner

Pick-up/Delivery Date:

Dec. 23rd or Dec. 24th

Call us directly to pre-order at 718.618.9775 or

by emailing us at

Please read below before ordering

  • Reheating is required for all Take-Home Christmas Meals as directed with instructions

  • All Take-Home Christmas Meals Deadline to order:                  Thursday, December 22nd by 5 pm

  • Available for pick-up Friday, December 23rd, 10am - 10pm

  • Available for pick-up Saturday, November 24th, 8am- 2pm

  • Delivery is available on December 23rd, 10am - 10pm, within       a 2-mile radius - if delivery is wanted, please contact us directly 

Appetizers: (Half Tray or Whole Tray)

Baked Clams                       $60 Half          $150 Whole

garlic breadcrumb topping


Crabcakes                            $75 Half          $140 Whole

chipotle remoulade


Estuary Wings                     $65 Half          $130 Whole

buffalo, BBQ, General Tso, or teriyaki


Meatballs                             $60 Half          $115 Whole

marinara sauce


Charcuterie Platter             $75 Half          $140 Whole

select cured meats


Cheese Platter                     $75 Half         $140 Whole

select cheeses


Meat & Cheese Platter       $75 Half         $140 Whole

mix of meats/cheeses


Mussels                                $60 Half         $115 Whole

red or white sauce


Calamari & Scungilli           $60 Half          $115 Whole

Fra Diavolo

Fried Shrimp                       $75 Half          $140 Whole

house-made tartar sauce


Shrimp Cocktail                   $75 Half         $140 Whole

house-made cocktail sauce

Sides - $15 


Broccoli                      Broccoli Rabe

Brussel Sprouts            Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes         Sweet Potatoes      

Pasta: (Half Tray or Whole Tray)

Penne Vodka                                          $55 Half           $90 Whole

perline mozzarella & basil


Rigatoni                                                    $75 Half          $140 Whole

broccoli rabe, sweet sausage & calabrian chiles


Tortellini Carbonara                               $60 Half          $115 Whole

creamy parmesan sauce


Rigatoni Pomodoro                                $50 Half         $75 Whole

San Marzano tomato, vidalia onion

Stuffed Shells                                          $60 Half         $115 Whole

marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella


Linguini Clam Sauce                               $60 Half         $115 Whole

fresh littleneck clams, red or white sauce


(includes:  gravy, choice of potato/rice, choice of two sides)

Roast Pork Loin                                   $150 Half        $220 Whole


Standing Prime Rib Roast                  $275 Half        $500 Whole


Filet Mignon Roast                              $275 Half        $500 Whole


Stuffed Turkey Breast                         $230


Fruit de Mare                                       $125 Half        $230 Whole

clams, mussels, shrimp, crab meat, monkfish, lobster in a rich tomato sauce


Pan Roasted Salmon                          $75 Half         $140 Whole


Shrimp Scampi                                    $85 Half         $150 Whole


Stuffed Filet of Sole                             $100 Half      $165 Whole


Acorn Squash & Quinoa                     $50 Half         $95 Whole

Salads: (Half Tray or Whole Tray)

House Salad                                         $35 Half      $55 Whole

heirloom tomato, pickled red onions, cucumber


Caesar Salad                                        $50 Half      $75 Whole

baby romaine, house-made croutons & dressing


Beet Salad                                            $50 Half      $75 Whole

baby greens, pickled onions, crumbled blue cheese


Caprese Salad                                      $60 Half      $80 Whole

heirloom tomato, basil, balsamic glaze



Cookie Platter                   $50                 Tiramisu                           $55

Cheesecake                      $45

Pies                                  $30  
apple, pumpkin, peach berry

Pre-Order Individual Christmas Pies from our Bakery
*Not Available for Delivery

Deadline to Pre-Order: Dec. 22nd
Available for Pick-up:  Dec. 23rd & Dec. 24th

*Late orders past the deadline are subject to availability and an additional late fee of $20. The deadline is Thursday, December 22nd by 5pm.

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Call us directly to pre-order at 718.618.9775 or by emailing us at

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